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The two-man DJ team of Dennis Sichner and Kyle Primous provides a unique, full-service entertainment package you’ll find with few other typical DJ’s. You’ll get an element of live entertainment that only two professional musician/entertainers can provide in a DJ format.

Not only a world-class vocalist, Kyle is considered one of the premier MC/entertainers in the region. When partnering with Dennis, Kyle will be free to MC, organize your itinerary and provide the kind of attention to detail you’d expect only from a professional event planner. He’ll seamlessly sing & entertain all while Dennis mixes the music from a library of ten’s of thousands of songs. You’ll also have the option of Kyle singing your first dances if you choose.

Add Dennis’ live sax for your cocktail/dinner hour and you’ll have a full range of live entertainment elements offered from no other DJ service in the area.

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Kyle Primous

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Dennis makes use of tasteful, pre-recorded music tracks to accompany his live sax for a slightly full, but still light, background sound. Jazz standards and smooth jazz sounds.

Music can be located at most any location in your venue prior to any DJ performance. This option can also be used to extend your dinner music prior to the DJ performance in the main event’s location.

Solo Saxophone

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